Why study at university?

Why study at university?

Some embark on university studies without even having to think about it, while others hesitate or give it up for fear of not being up to the task or that “it will be useless”. However, undertaking university studies is the perfect opportunity to flourish and even to do good. Here are some reasons that could convince you to embark on the adventure

1. Study what you like, how you want

Do you have a penchant for more than one field of study? No worries! At the Université de Montréal, it is possible to follow a path that suits you by combining your interests in several fields of study, while benefiting from the permanent support of professionals. Indeed, UdeM offers jack-of-all-trades students a large bank of courses that can often be integrated into their academic path so that it meets their specific needs and interests. Does it speak to you? Discover now the personalized program options available to you!

Discover the fields of study corresponding to your interests with the Cursus test

2. Take advantage of a host of practical services at your disposal

By integrating a university community like that of UdeM, you will have the chance to benefit from the libraries located on campus, a dynamic staff , scholarships , a vibrant community and cultural life , and much more. ! You will also be able to enjoy the support and motivation of your classmates who will make your discussions enriching and stimulating. A support service for success (CÉSAR) is even available to you: it can help you, among other things, to plan your study and career development project, from the beginning to the end of your studies.

3. Take the opportunity to travel and learn a new language

Do you want to live an enriching and memorable experience? Dare to travel to study ! Studying abroad will certainly teach you a lot, in addition to taking you out of your comfort zone.

In addition, at UdeM, the possibilities for learning a new language are almost endless: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and even Innu courses are offered! Do not wait any longer to deepen your knowledge in a specific field and equip yourself with tools to familiarize yourself with another culture.

4. Rub shoulders with inspiring and available teachers

Do not forget that studying at the university also means being in daily contact with renowned , admirable and inspiring professors , sometimes the source of notable reference works. After your baccalaureate, you could have the possibility of co-authoring an article in a scientific journal with your research director , for example!

5. Secure a promising future

Going to university means ensuring the security of a stable job that meets one’s expectations and the possibility of obtaining a higher salary. A word of advice: make choices that suit you. Choose a field of study that will lead you to a job that you will enjoy getting up for every morning.

6. Access a professional order

Do you want to become an architect, psychologist, social worker or physiotherapist? Of course, a bachelor’s degree in each of these programs will give you a solid foundation, but you will not necessarily be eligible for the professional order concerned! For this, you may need to go to higher education to deepen your knowledge. In many fields, if higher education is not compulsory, it opens the door to more prestigiou jobs and new perspectives, offering more control over the work done. Think about it!

7. Help change the world, one search at a time

After your bachelor’s degree, why not pursue graduate studies and push the boundaries of knowledge by generating innovative ideas, hypotheses, research questions, interpretations and analyses? Who knows, your research may have a major impact in the world of health , anthropology , physics , communications or even literature and could make a real difference in people’s lives. All fields of study count, so go for it!

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