7 serious online work ideas to start in 2023

7 serious online work ideas

What if finding a job online was the long-sought balance point between earning a living and organizing freely? The world is changing at lightning speed, and the way the French earn their living is changing too.

On the other hand, more and more working people are looking for a job on the internet to escape imposed hours and places of work. Finding a paid and serious job on the internet would allow this freedom in line with one’s aspirations: that of choosing one’s working hours, of working from home or on the other side of the world, of earning more, of choosing one’s projects…

Working on the internet offers very diverse opportunities that can correspond to all kinds of personalities and skills: whether you have a geek soul, a trader, a creative, a communicator… or no matter how long your CV is! Here is our guide focused on serious trades that have the potential to make you money. We tell you how to train and where to find paid online work opportunities.

How to find work online?

Whatever your primary motivation, leaving the workforce, earning money online, finding a student job online (…), you must follow basic steps.

Find the activity that suits you best

Make a business plan : determine the opportunities in your market, your product or service, your positioning, your prices and your projected budget, your communication strategy.

Choose the status that will allow you to be paid legally, by learning about how to start a micro-enterprise , for example.

Here is a list of profitable and rewarding (and fulfilling!) online jobs in 2023.

Dropshipping to get started in e-commerce

Have you always dreamed of having an online store, and making a living selling the products you make, or the ones you love? However, if it is a professional retraining , you may be apprehensive about the logistical complexity of e-commerce.

Why dropshipping?

In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs to create jobs for shippers, allowing businesses to thrive without the burden of inventory management.

When a customer orders an item on your site, you order the item from your supplier, and the supplier delivers directly to your customer.

 Serious online work: e print on demand to create your own clothing line

Are you looking for a paid and serious job on the internet while allowing you to flourish in your creativity? The print on demand has everything to please you.

Why print on demand?

In French, this online work could be translated as “print on demand”. Your business model consists of selling your designs and graphic creations on products such as Tshirts, mugs, cushions, masks… Its advantages are similar to dropshipping, you do not manage stock and it is the supplier who takes care of everything: printing, and sending to the customer.

Web writing to live from your pen

If you are looking for a list of freelance jobs online, the job of web editor will come first! Indeed, whether it’s looking for a full-time paid job on the internet or an online student job to improve your quality of life, web writing ticks all the boxes.

Having a good pen is not enough: you have to know how to write flawlessly of course, preferably with style, but above all know how to adapt: ​​to a diversity of sectors, subjects and media.

A web editor can write journalistic articles, or be a story-teller. He can also write more commercial and advertising content to encourage action (purchasing on an e-commerce site, for example). This is called a copywriter.

Social Media Manager, online work on social networks

In view of the 2023 social network figures , there is no longer any debate about the usefulness of social networks for companies: their customers are there. However, companies do not always have the internal skills to create and manage relevant content to reach their customers. In short: social media managers are in demand!

Web developer, online freelance work guaranteed

While all companies are going digital in the Covid era, they are calling for a showcase or e-commerce website. You have an undeniable asset if you know how to create quality and effective professional sites. You will have no trouble working on the internet, and earning a good living, without having to move from your home or your office with your feet in the water!

For those who are looking for paid work on the internet from home, or simply from wherever they want with their computer and their wifi connection. The more you know technically (programming languages) the more opportunities you will have. Becoming a frontend or fullstack developer cannot be improvised; A developer can start working online and get paid if they already master HTML and CSS, as well as CMS solutions such as WordPress and Shopify to develop e-commerce sites.

Graphic designer and web designer for successful creatives

At the top of the list of paid and serious work on the internet are the graphic designer and the web designer. Whether it’s designing a logo and a graphic charter for a brand, or designing a website, the graphic designer and/or web designer is in great demand. All companies need to create their visual identity and their communication support.

Serious online work: online trainer

This article is the proof: all jobs on the internet require online training, whatever your level. More generally, the world of work is changing with emerging professions of the future , it is necessary to train at any age: learn a language, software, a soft skill…

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